Abby Cipar is a multidisciplinary artist, arts advocate, and curator with roots in Northeast Ohio. Their work employs abstraction as a tool or tactic for safeguarding queer art objects and histories, asserting a determination for queer prosperity and survival amidst historically tumultuous realities. Knowledge of queer lexicon, coding, and euphemism are critical to drawing further meaning from their works. Swelling and entangled objects recall bulging masses of organs contained within the human body. Anatomical references do not exist as exact copy but offer up precisely enough visual information to be identified as bodily. Acts of making, such as sewing, binding, pinning, tucking, stretching, and squeezing, become sites for communicating experiences of gender dysphoria and its counterpart — euphoria. A piece is conceived, embellished, and adorned in simultaneous non-compliance and self-preservation. The decadence of these objects operates as both queer signaling and defiant response to outer, oppressive forces — offering up a possibility in which euphoric celebration of queer glamour and life is at the very center of artistic praxis. 


Cipar received a BFA from The University of Akron (2021) and an MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art (2024). In addition to other notable honors, Cipar was a 2023 recipient of the Stewart Thomson Fellowship at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts and the 2019 Folk Charitable Foundation Venice Biennale Travel Award. Their work was included in Cleveland’s 2022 CAN Triennial, and they have exhibited at The Cranbrook Art Museum (Bloomfield Hills, Michigan), PLAYGROUND DETROIT (Detroit, Michigan), Piano Craft Gallery (Boston, Massachusetts), River House Arts (Toledo, Ohio), FAVA Gallery (Oberlin, Ohio), Wavelength Space (Chattanooga, Tennessee), The Sculpture Center (Cleveland, Ohio), Praxis Fiber Workshop (Cleveland, Ohio), and Malone University (Canton, Ohio), among others. In addition to numerous private collections, their work is in the care of Emily Davis Gallery (Akron, Ohio) and Akron Children’s Hospital (Akron, Ohio). Cipar curated the group show, Collective Remedies, for KINK Contemporary (Cleveland, OH) in June of 2023, and they currently serve as a Community Member on the Artist Resource Committee for Akron's Summit Artspace.

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